Burke's Class Representatives are valued volunteers who help share Burke's news with their classmates as well as collect Class Notes for our annual Burke's Magazine. Please contact Elena Hobden, Associate Director of Advancement, if you would like to get in touch with your Class Rep, or if you would like to volunteer to serve as a Class Agent. If your class year is missing from the list on the left, we would especially love your help!

Burke's Magazine 2022

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1955    Sallie G. Griffith
1956    Eleanor Burke
1958    Lynn Arias Bornstein
1959    Louise Escher Harris
1961    Cherie White Ross
1962    Constance Williams and Ruthann Ballou Conway
1963    Kathe Nielsen Hardy
1964    Lynn Burrows Bunim
1965    Cynthia Knapp Gallagher
1966    Andrea Solari and Diana Morris Wild
1967    Cathleen Cox
1968    Marky Quayle
1971     Sara Bullis Cullen
    Blake Hallanan
1973    Terry Maillard Keyes
1975    Tammi Doyle
1975e  Mary Ann Jones and Betty Schwartz Marcon
1978e  Robin Hauser
1978    Nano Visser-Klein
1979    Kate Gaitley
1981    Veronica Poon Kogler
1982    Claire Myers and Anne-Marie Fowler
1983    Carolyn Mannon Kryger and Heidi Houtkooper Temkin
1984    Emily Hobin Janowsky
1985    Aimee Fowler Carlson
1987    Alexandra Fowler King and Ramona Pedersen
1988    June Kitagawa Sakamoto
1989    Gabrielle Kivitz
1991    Daisy Barringer
1992    Elizabeth Heuser and Monique Phillips Pflager
1993    Megan Meyers
1994    Camille Hampton
1995    Mira Hui Cheung and Diana Ziola Jansson
1996    Misha Villa-Popescu Frank and Stina Skewes-Cox Trainor
1997    Readie Callahan
1998    Natalie Fuchs and Natalie Jamison
1999    Megan Seely Smith
2000    Allison Broude Friedberg
2001    Julia Baron and Jessica Chamberlin
2002    Marisa Breall
2003    Laura Minasian
2004    Megan Bagaman and Aaryn McCutchan
2005    Kelsea Carlson and Stephanie Chong
2006    Juliet Knox and Katie Yeilding
2007    Rebecca Rich
2008    Alyson Wong and Nicole Wong
2009    Jewel Devora, Talia Storey Cuddeback, Maddie Brown, and Skylar Nahi
2010    Izzy Paxton
2011    Rachel Quock
2012    Franny Arnautou and Ally Diwik
2013    Sarah Ancheta, Clara Daikh, India Thieriot, and Eleonor Wolf
2014    Isabella Lenzo and Alexis Levit
2015    Sydney Gevertz and Haley Hockin
2016    Caroline Kelley and Madison Kjeldgaard
2017    Sasha Steiner, Holland Stacey, and Alyson Won
2018    Addy Blaxter and Katherine Hsieh
2019    Kassie DeJean, Sophia Edwards, and Abby Perry
2020    Amani Dhillon, Sammy Domm, Gracie Felsenthal, and Cassidy Nguyen
Burke's mission is to educate, encourage and empower girls. Our school combines academic excellence with an appreciation for childhood so that students thrive as learners, develop a strong sense of self, contribute to community, and fulfill their potential, now and throughout life.


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