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  • Kindergarten

    Social studies becomes a part of many cross-curricular projects. Concepts that are covered encourage the child to develop an awareness of herself and others, as she moves from “me to we.” We teach an inclusive, multicultural curriculum. Areas covered include self-identity, community, families, holidays/traditions, and special needs.
  • First Grade

    In first grade, the overall theme is From Me to We. Topics are based upon this overarching theme and are interwoven with first-grade language arts curriculum and specialist classes. Areas of study are introduced through literature, and are expanded with discussion, writing, art projects, field trips, and a variety of hands-on activities. Social studies topics include self, school community, neighborhood community, cultural traditions and holidays, food and nutrition, and community helpers.
  • Second Grade

    We begin the year establishing a safe and welcoming classroom environment. Through activities, projects, and discussions the girls will learn about each other and the different types of families who make up our community.

    We continue with a focus on the inhabitants of North America in 1620. The girls will explore the daily life of the Wamponoag people and their relationship with the Pilgrims.

    Starting in January, we will explore girls who have made a difference in their communities.

    Our next unit of study will transition to the work of American women who were pioneers in their field. We will learn about their challenges and discuss how they created opportunities for girls and women today.

    We conclude the year by studying the Westward Expansion of America in the 1800s, concentrating on the pioneers, geography of the United States, and native peoples.

    As celebration of their learning during these units, the girls will enjoy a Three Sisters Lunch, Women's Symposium and Tea, and a Pioneer Picnic.
  • Third Grade

    The theme of “continuity and change” guides the third-grade Social Studies curriculum. We begin the year by establishing caring classroom communities in which the girls feel appreciated for who they are and safe to take risks. Most mornings begin with a “Morning Meeting” that focuses on the social-emotional and academic growth of the girls. The goal of this time is to build social skills such as cooperation, assertion, responsibility, empathy and self-control. Math and literacy are integrated into our Morning Meetings. Class meetings and regular check-ins are conducted regularly in order to further support students’ growth and development. Our academic studies expand to pre-Columbian San Francisco, investigating the lives of the Ohlone Nation. From there, we explore San Francisco through the eyes of Chinese immigrants. We apply skills developed during our study of Chinatown as we look at the history, landmarks and cultures of other City neighborhoods.

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  • Third Grade Hears from Speakers on Native Issues

    On February 1, as a part of their study of the Ohlone American Indians, third graders welcomed two guest speakers: Corrina Gould and Darcie Houck. They talked about issues facing the Ohlone community today in order to authentically represent American Indian groups and to debunk the myth that American Indians are "stuck in the past."
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Lead Teachers

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  • Photo of Dynelle Chan

    Dynelle Chan 

    Kindergarten Teacher
    415.751.0187, ext. 318
    University of California, Santa Cruz - B.A.
  • Photo of Valerie Hansel

    Valerie Hansel 

    Kindergarten Teacher
    415.751.0187, ext. 313
    University of Pennsylvania - B.A.
    Dominican University - M.A.
  • Photo of Zach Swan

    Zach Swan 

    Kindergarten Teacher
    415.751.0187, ext. 330
    University of California, Santa Cruz - B.A.
    University of San Francisco - M.A. Ed.
  • Photo of Seneca Gupta

    Seneca Gupta 

    First-Grade Teacher (1B)
    Gonzaga University - B.A.
  • Photo of Anjali Ramisetti

    Anjali Ramisetti 

    First-Grade Teacher (1A)
    415.751.0187, ext. 304
    University of California, Irvine - B.A.
    University of San Francisco
  • Photo of Lindy Ancelovici

    Lindy Ancelovici 

    Second-Grade Teacher
    415.751.0187, ext. 370
    University of California, Berkeley - B.A.
    San Francisco State University - Multiple Subject Teaching Credential
  • Photo of Kelley Vauk

    Kelley Vauk 

    Second-Grade Teacher
    415.751.0187, ext. 271
    University of Oregon - B.A.
  • Photo of Emily Logemann

    Emily Logemann 

    Third-Grade Teacher
    415.751.0187, ext. 300
    Columbia University - B.A.
    Teachers College, Columbia University - M.A.
  • Photo of Genaro Castillo

    Genaro Castillo 

    3rd Grade Teacher
    415.751.0187, ext. 368
  • Photo of Tammi Abad

    Tammi Abad 

    Fourth Grade Teacher & Teaching Institute Coordinator
    415.751.0187, ext. 327
  • Photo of Simone Wolk

    Simone Wolk 

    Fourth-Grade Teacher
    415.751.0187, ext. 331
    Yeshiva University - A.D.
    Yeshiva University - B.S.
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