List of 27 frequently asked questions.

  • Q Who is driving the bus?

    Durham School Services will provide the vehicles and drivers. 
  • Q Are there driver background checks?

    Yes, bus drivers are required to complete the same LiveScan that teachers must successfully complete as well as a driving test.
  • Q Does the bus have seatbelts?

    California requires three-point seat belts on (1) school buses manufactured on and after July 1, 2005 that carry more than 16 passengers, and (2) all other school buses manufactured on and after July 1, 2004. It asks school transportation providers to first allocate seat-belt equipped school buses for elementary school students whenever possible. The state cannot charge any person, school district, or organization with violating this law if a passenger either does not fasten his or her seat belt, or does so improperly (Cal. Veh. Code § 27316). State regulations require school bus passengers to (1) use the seat belts; and (2) be taught how to use them in an age-appropriate manner (Cal. Code Regs. Title 5, § 14105).
  • Q Does the bus allow for booster seats?

    Parents may request drivers to use booster seats. However, the bus company is not responsible for lost or misplaced booster seats.
  • Q Where will girls arrive at school?

    The bus will drop the girls off in the MUNI bus stop on the corner of California and 32nd Avenue. They will then walk up the cul-de-sac to campus.
  • Q Are there any adults on the bus besides the driver? Cameras?

    At the beginning of the school year, there may be a Burke's employee riding for a week. There are no cameras on the bus. The only adult on the bus is the driver.
  • Q Are devices allowed on the bus?

    Yes, students may use their phones and computers on the bus, and should use headphones for audiobooks or music. (Update: No social media of any kind, including chats and texts, other than to parents.) Keeping track of devices is the responsibility of the student, and any device brought on the bus should be one the student is allowed to have at school.
  • Q Is food allowed on the bus?

    Food is not allowed to be consumed on the bus. Students may have their snacks for school in their bags.
  • Q What about allergies?

    We should not have any allergy issues because food is not allowed on the bus. If you have specific concerns, please contact Jeff Jackson.
  • Q Are there assigned seats?

    There are not assigned seats on the bus.
  • Q How many kids (min/max) per bus? What about Upper vs. Lower School?

    The bus is available to students in both Upper and Lower School and will plan to arrive at school each day by 8:05 a.m. to allow Upper School students time to visit their lockers and be in Advisory on time. Bus ridership will vary by route and demand. The maximum bus size is 60.  We need a minimum ridership per route to commit to each bus route.
  • Q Is music or other loud noises allowed? My daughter might use this time for homework/reading.

    Amplified music is not allowed on the bus. Students may use headphones to listen to audiobooks or music. A quiet environment is expected both for school work and to ensure a safe driving environment for the driver.
  • Q How can we provide feedback regarding driver behavior? Regarding student behavior?

    All behavior comments should be directed to Jeff Jackson and Renita LiVolsi. They will then follow up with the driver and students involved. 
  • Q How was the route determined?

    We realize that driving to and from Burke’s each day can be a hardship for families. Our goal is to help those families farthest from school to make an impact on their day to day lives. We used geographical data, community feedback, and an administrator with extensive bus route knowledge to help us determine maximum ridership opportunities and efficient routes. Burke's does not want its geographical location to hinder potential applicants or acceptant families.
  • Q How will new routes be added? When?

    For the 2022-23 school year, we are extending the Noe bus route to serve the Southwest portion of San Francisco. We are always open to feedback about new routes as well — please contact Renita LiVolsi.
  • Q How many stops? How long is total travel time?

    The number of stops ranges from three to five depending on the route. The longest travel time should be about an hour. When we expand and optimize the program routes, stops and the travel time will vary based on ridership and demand.
  • Q How long does the bus "wait" at each stop?

    The bus arrives at the stop and loads the students, which takes from two to five minutes depending on the number of students. If a parent believes the student will be more the five minutes late to a particular stop, they should drive directly to the next stop to ensure the child can catch the bus.
  • Q Do I need to wait with my child at the drop-off location?

    Bus stops will not be monitored. It is up to each family to decide if their daughter is safe and able enough to wait on her own. We highly recommend that parents/guardians wait until the bus has arrived.
  • Q What if my daughter only needs to ride on certain days of the week?

    Your daughter can ride any day she wants; however, the cost of participating in this program is fixed. This is not a pay-as-you-go program as that would not be sustainable for the community. You will be billed for the entire 2022-23 school year.

  • Q If the bus isn't going to show up for some reason, at what point would I be notified?

    Two separate issues may occur: 1) Bus breakdown. The bus company will notify Burke's of the breakdown and give us an approximate time of delay. This information will be forwarded immediately to parents via text message, so they know about the delay and new estimated pickup times. 2) Traffic problems: Accidents and delays are not uncommon during rush hour. Any significant delay (more than five minutes) will be transmitted by the bus to Burke’s, who will then notify the parents of the delay and new estimated pickup times.
  • Q What happens if the bus is in an accident, gets a flat tire, etc.?

    The bus company will notify Burke’s of the issue and give us an approximate time of delay. This information will be forwarded immediately to parents via text message, so they know about the delay and new estimated pickup times or service disruption.
  • Q How do I get in touch with my daughter(s) during the drive?

    If parents need to contact their children during the drive, they can reach the children on their personal phones or contact Burke’s, and Burke’s will relay the message to their children when they arrive on campus.
  • Q What are the plans in case of emergency, earthquake, or natural disaster?

    The bus company will notify Burke’s of the bus location and status. This information will be forwarded immediately to parents via text message.
  • Q What if my daughter is sick? How do we let the bus know?

    There is no need to let the bus know if your student will not be able to make the bus due to illness or any other reason. The bus will follow its schedule regardless.
  • Q Will the bus run after school?

    Bus service is only being offered for the morning commute to school. It has been determined that at this time, it is too difficult to accommodate different school departure times and individual after-school activity schedules that vary on a daily basis.
  • Q How does the pricing work?

    Bus service is priced at $2,500 for the 2022-23 school year, for San Francisco Buses and $2,825 for the Marin bus. Your daughter can ride any day she wants; however, the full-time cost of participating in this program is fixed. You will be billed for the entire school year. Financial assistance is available.
  • Q May I speak to a current family about their experience?

    Please contact Renita LiVolsi and Jeff Jackson to be put in touch with current program families. Please include your child’s grade so we can match you with a family with a similarly aged student.
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