About the Program

In the week-long comprehensive prep program, students will be familiarized with the overall content and structure of the SSAT, evaluate which sections are sequenced by level of difficulty, focus on refining "core skills" for each subject in a problem-solving context and learn test-taking strategies that are designed to promote efficiency and reduce stress. The overall goal is to enable the student to enter the test feeling confident and relaxed through preparation and exposure. At the end of the program, practice test results will be sent to each household with a customized “summer” action plan.

Dates: June 13-17
Grade: Rising 8th graders only
Price: $445 

  • The SSAT class will emphasize active work and participation from the students with the goal of reinforcing core skills and adapting test strategies that promote efficiency and accuracy.  Each day new concepts will be presented followed by exercises and practice problems that the students will work on independently.

  • Each morning session will run from 9-11:30 a.m.

Class Syllabus

List of 5 items.

  • Class One

    • Test Structure and Format
    • When to Guess
    • Time Management
    • Reducing Anxiety
    • Practice Essay Writing Portion
  • Class Two

    • Review Essay Portion
    • Core Mathematic Skills—What are they asking?
    • When Algebra and Geometry are Combined
    • Substitution Technique
  • Class Three

    • Math Problems—Evaluating Key Action Words
    • Reading Strategies—Focusing on the “Facts”
  • Class Four

    • Verbal—Deciphering the Analogy
    • Vocabulary—Methods to learn new words
  • Class Five

    • Timed Exam
    • Evaluation of Exam
All camps are in-person this year and payment will be collected via TADS after camp begins. Cancellations must be received two weeks prior to the start of each camp. 

About the Instructor

Ronald Shalita has over 15 years working with middle school students for standardized test preparation including the SSAT, HSPT and the ISEE. His expertise has been utilized at many of the independent middle schools in the Bay Area including Burkes, Town, SF Day School, Friends School, Hamlin, and SF School. Mr. Shalita has an extensive background and experience in one-to-one private tutoring for the SSAT and is an expert in understanding the nuances of the test. Ron is available to answer any questions about the class and can be reached at  shalitaron@gmail.com.
Financial assistance is available for students receiving tuition assistance at Burke's. Please contact Patricia Neville for more information.
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